Branding Kit

1.the action of marking with a branding iron."regulations concerning the branding, movement, and sale of cattle"
2.the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design."the process of branding should be considered in global terms"
$850.00 USD
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What's your mark? Branding is so vague, let's get specific. Let's define your brand. Let's rip it apart and find the energy that makes it so unique, so wanted. Once we find that energy, we channel it into your appearance. Your appearance needs to be authentic.

What we'll do:
Two 30-Minute Calls to Get to Know Your Brand
Use Customized Methods to Find the Depth of Your Brand
Put that Depth into a Vision & Bring it to Life

Results we'll achieve:
A Fully Developed Branding Kit to Use as Your Brand Manual
- A One Page Write Up of What Defines Your Brand
- Logo
- Fonts
- Any Graphics Needed for Business Cards or Tag Designs

Media & Content Creation available for you to add on*

Let's Brand.

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